Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Preformance 2

                                                    Crushing crackers!                                      

 Performance 2 was really a fun piece for me to preform, as I was not as nervous as the first one nor was it as serious. Neither Zara or I had much time to obsess over this performance and so our decisions were made fast and without overthinking it to much. Using Sandy's advice and looking at the fluxes workbook helped a great deal. After looking over a few options we settled on  Davi Det Hompson score "Lessons" which were simple and to the point :

"Arrange nine crackers on a table.Ask someone to choose the most beautiful cracker from the grouping. Smash the remaining crackers with your fist"

 It was short simple, more so then what I was trying to come up with. Zara decided to add the Austin powers music to give it a comical vibe instead of the seriousness that colored our last performance. 

I felt the actual performance went great and discovered it was almost an endurance piece as well, when I realized half way through that we had to keep hitting our fist into cracker dust on a hard table.  Overall I felt it was a successful performance that I enjoyed.

 Here is our score and a few pictures!

Dress in all black
Two spot lights at the long ends of the table
  1. Have a table with crackers on it
  2. Have the audience sit  around the in a circle approx 3 feet from the table
  3. The show starts when the Austin power music starts  
  4. Set up nine crackers  on a table
  5. Have Female performer 1 close her eyes and spin nine times with her finger pointed out
  6. Female performer 2  will retrieve the audience member from the crowd that female 1 points to
  7. Ask the chosen audience member to  pick the best looking cracker
  8. Have the audience member sit down with the cracker
  9. Divide the remaining crackers between the two performers
  10. Each performer must smash their four crackers one at a time  with their first

If the music stops before remaining crackers are done being smashed  stop immediately the show is over.

If all the crackers are  smashed before the show is over start smashing the crackers all over again until the music stops and the show is over


  1. As the chooser of the most beautiful cracker, I felt especially connected to this performance. It felt like I had picked a victim to save from the slaughter and now I had to watch as all the other crackers were sacrificed. I really like the choice to add the music, it made the whole performance seem game show like and kept it light. I liked how you and Zara played off of each other's personas and the choice to coordinate outfits. I'm amazed at how you were able to go on for so long with the smashing, your endurance was fantastic. Overall it was an enjoyable performance to watch; goofy game show tinged with the horror.

  2. Agree with Amanda on all accounts! The performance surprised me and fascinated me as a viewer in the space. The tempo was really wonderful. Game show! Especially with the spinning. That was a big highlight. The black dress/ skirt flaring out with your finger pointing. The only criticism I have is that I missed the part about "picking out the most beautiful cracker" -- not loud enough -- make that very intentional as it is an important part of it -- it is very human -- to pick out the most beautiful anything from amongst a given group of things -- how we choose.... and they were all the same! The endurance/time really made this piece work! But so did the sound! of doing that crushing and then forming the piles with your hands.

  3. I really loved the fun kind of game show atmosphere that you brought to this performance. It added to the light hearted spirit of performance art. I really love you two working together, you both work very well and have good chemistry and almost complete each other on stage, for example the stoic-ness of Zara and the Funny playful of Kristal, it was just so awesome to watch. I also really loved the involvement with the audience... I felt that it added a very unique nature to the flow and broke the wall between the performance and the audience, which I feel should be done more often.

  4. I loved this performance. The sounds created by the banging of the crackers- a violent action, against the fun and whimsical music and your dancing/attitude throughout felt very fitting with the performances we had learned about in class. I loved the audience involvement with this one, and that the prettiest cracker was saved. The music was a good timer, and added a sense of structure to this absurd performance. There was also a great deal of endurance with the banging, i bet that hurt. good job guys :)