Sunday, April 24, 2016

Preformance 3

 This was a harder performance for Zara and I to come up with, we really struggled with a way to create in-congruent sound without the use of our computers. We really wanted to use our voices with differently visualization and that is how we decided to do something were we would appear differently then we would sounded. At first we were not sure how to do this and then started to play around with the idea of being adult but acting like children or being children acting like adults. We choose the latter and from there it just kind of evolved. We decided on pretending to read from kids books but voice heavy text instead such as parts of a scientific journals, news clippings and the bible. When I started to look for text that would be opposite of the kids stories I had chosen, is when the performances meaning changed for me. It turned from a possibly funny idea into a serious thing about how children have access too to much information now. It became about how the world is moving so fast that schoolchildren  have  access to everything and due to that they lose their innocence much faster. I tried to exhibit this lost of innocence through the my actions in the performance and from the comments we received it seemed like it came through...
            Originally we were just going to read our text one at a time but as I was writing out the score I remembered, how on the very first day we read random text in different ways. Coincidentally that day Zara and I read together, reading separate scraps of papers at the same time. I decided to incorporate the way we read that fist day into our performance.  It was relay fun to bring that back as its was more or less Zara's and I first collaboration together!

Here is our score!

Kristal viera and Zara Anderson
Dress: child like in P.J.’s  and wearing crowns
Scene: A child's room, quilt, pillows and Stuffed Animals
Lighting Full lights and lamp light

Audience comes into room  as the two performers sit on their “Bed”  acting like ordinary children oblivious to the crowd.

Once audience is settled, chosen father will say sweetly “ good night girls!” and turn off the lights.

Two performers respond in unison with  sweet voices “ Good night father!”  and settle on the bed to sleep

A moment passes

Both performers sit up straight very serious

Performer 1 turns on the lamp light

Performer 2 picks a book from the pile, Stressed the title and then reads the book out loud very clinically/seriously

Performer 1 interrupts her when she feels ready by reading a new book out loud  

Performer 2 waits until she is finished before she starts reading another book aloud starting with the title.

Performer 1 waits until she is done and then both performers pick a book together and read alternating pages.

Performer 1 and picks up a different book and starts reading at the same time

Once both performers are done reading both performers drop their books on the floor.

Performer 1  turns off the lamp light

Then both lay back on the bed.

The show is over.

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  1. You broke the stereotypes of the little girls sleepovers that most of us ladies know and remember all too well. I loved Benjamin's comment that you went to bed and got was not what I was expecting at all. You guys floored me with those article snippets, I mean that's the kind of stuff that's typically hidden from kids because they "won't understand it" or they're "too young to be educated about sex and politics." It was a really powerful piece. I think more children need to know what they're getting into sooner. The world is an unforgiving place, and we all need to brace our offspring for the shit show they're coming into. Great job ladies! Also this brought me back, I had so many sleepovers when I was younger....god I miss those days